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GirlKIND + The Mosaic Institute: Next Generation Project

Earlier this year GirlKIND had a wonderful opportunity to team up with Canada's Mosaic Institute and the Vancouver School Board in  aproject called: Next Generation. The project strives to connect youth to Canadian values and help promote peace and active global citizenship while developing leadership skills and encouraging civic participation. Students from John Oliver, Winston Churchill and David Thompson participated separately within their communities in creating awareness on the social justice issue of “gendercide.”


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Bring Back Our Girls!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the all the missing Nigerian girls' and families. May they be brought home safely and unharmed.


Let Girls Live!

Standing up for the lives of girls is our responsibility. Stand up, let girls live.


Notes of Hope | 2014

Notes of Hope | 2014 Provided by Abbotsford's Harry Sayers Gr. 4 students:

"Know that if you believe in yourself and never give up you can be whatever u want to be or do. I'll always care and help you."----Harleen {10 years

These notes will be sent out to an amazing home that looks after and raises girls in India.