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"Strong Women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we BE them." --unknown


GirlKIND + The Diversity Health Fair

Had the opportunity to set up a booth at Abbotsford's 5th Annual Diversity Health Fair this morning. It was a great chance to meet community members and raise awareness on the issue of gendercide/gender discrimination and spread the word on who we are what we are doing. Had great help with all the lovely ladies including: Harman, Navneet, Balwinder & Gurjot. A nice visit with Hawkey from the Abbotsford Heat.smiley

Also, met a mother at the fair who shared her story of of abuse and neglect at the hands of her husband because she bore him 2 daughters. She fled her home with him because her daughters mattered, best decision she said she made. He has no contact with her, she now lives in Abbotsford. She herself was the sixth daughter in her family and her parents never discriminated against any one of them and raised them to accept everyone.

She nearly made me cry, these kinds of stories don't surprise me anymore just reinforces what we are doing.


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"Thank God it Wasn't A Girl..."

Met & spoke to a high school student who wants to see change on how some people value a girl. He spoke frankly on how he stands up and challenges his family members when a boy or girl is born.

"All I want is a world where no one has to hear, thank God it wasn't a girl." {Darren Pooni, Grade 12 student}

Thank you so much Darren for standing up!


Stand Up & Help End Gendercide

We each play a role in bringing an end to gendercide; however small of a role we play it all begins by standing up...