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"We need feminism because..."

Photo Courtesy of LUM Students

Hadiqa Khan (lower left side) is a student at Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan. On International Women's Day this year (couple of weeks ago) she set out a little experiment. With camera in tow she went around her campus asking students, instructors, anyone alike, why they needed feminism. She asked they to write down their reasons on paper and she snapped a pic of each of them.

She faced both positive and negative reactions. "Most of the criticisms we got were because people thought we were trying to "lead people away from Islam" or something along those lines. Most didn't understand feminism itself and thought we were trying to promote "Western" values in exchange for our own. But the positive feedback we got was also very heartening," said Khan

Feminism is about justice and fairness take a look through the album, interesting thoughts...here is the link to their Facebook album.



"Small Acts...Can change the world"

Our actions and in-actions speak volumes to the issues that matter the most. Let's all react to do something small to create a better world where EVERY GIRL MATTERS.


Women & Girls are Invaluable

You are invaluable! Extremely useful; indispensable; valuable beyond estimation.

Believe in yourself and empower, educate & inspire others. Repeat as needed. :) Happy Friday from GirlKIND! Please feel free to spread this message to all the women and girls in your world