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Motivational Speaker "Omekongo," inspired...

After motivational speaker Omekongo watched the trailer to It's a Girl, he was "instantly moved." It inspired him to write a rap please view here www.itsagirlmovie.com/blog Great to see him stand up against gendercide and inspire others as well.

Film Screenings will be held in select cities this September, watch out for the one in Abbotsford, BC! It's a Girl Shadowline Films www.omekongo.com


Let's Rise up & Launch a Movement


"As we prepare to release "It’s a Girl", I ask myself whether or not the world will respond to our call and rise up in defense of the innocent.

Our heart-felt hope and desire is that the stories of It’s a Girl will capture hearts around the world and will compel us all to rise up and launch a movement to end gender-based violence and killings and restore worth and dignity to the girls and women of India, China and of the world."----Evan Grae Director