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No Celebrations

Our environments shape our thoughts and actions. How we value a girl is within our thoughts. GirlKIND believes in creating healthy, strong environments where girls are valued equally as boys. We are working towards changing cultural values...one girl at a time.

There may not have been any celebrations when I was born however I don't feel bad about it now as I did when I was a little girl nor do I blame my parents or am I mad with them. I understand that we all are products of our environments, my parents were products of their environments and traditions spoke that girls essentially don't bring happiness because they "weigh," you down.

If you were to ask my parents now, their viewpoints would be much different. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones, my parents beliefs didn't believe in getting rid of me because I was the third daughter rather they felt they would deal with the cards they were given whether I was a girl or boy, no celebrations or congratulations were had because I was a girl but they didn't give up on me because I was a girl rather they raised me and  provided me a wonderful life and for that I am grateful. Now I can use my voice for those who weren't given one and create & shape better, stronger and healthy environments so every girl is celebrated.